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Hi there, I just joined so I thought I would introduce myself, especially since I've already gone and commented :)

Name: Sarah
Age: 21
Location: Kingston, ON, Canada
School: Queen's University
Ethnicity: Irish descent, adoptively part-Scottish

I'm a third year Film Studies major, English Lit minor but my focus tends to be on race and gender representation in media/film/literature and that's what about ninety-seven percent of my papers end up being about one way or another. Also, I'm a Baha'i so I'm interested in projects and readings that focus on presenting the oneness of humanity like anti-racism campaigns and whatnot.

That is all, thank you :) I'm enjoying reading through the posts so far!
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Hate Crime 101

In a city about an hour from where I live (my hometown...but anyway...) there was a neighborhood that was the target of some pretty bad vandalism--lots of tires slashed, graffiti, etc.. The police think that the vandals were teenagers or younger kids and knew the neighborhood well. There is one family originally from India that had the words "DAMN TALABAN" written on their son's car.

I think it's sort of funny that they spelled Taliban wrong.

But what's sad is that the son is an American citizen in the Army, and he's in Iraq right now.

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Me again!

Hi everyone. We currently have 45 members (how exciting!). I'm really enjoying your introductions. I think all of you will have a lot to contribute to this community and am eager to hear your opinions on different issues. For those of you who have joined, but haven't introduced yourself: I urge you to do so (mainly because I'm excited to learn more about all of you!) -- though it is not required.

Just a moment of randomness:

Has anyone read through Anzia Yezierska's works? I read Salome of the Tenements this past year and read Bread Givers this summer. While I loved Salome, I absolutely fell in love with Bread Givers. I want to read more of her works and am looking for any advice you all might have. (Or are there any great pieces of Jewish-American literature that you have read and recommend?)

Men of Color in Film

My friend is designing a college course on sex and gender in film. The syllabus needs more films that have men of color. Any films you recommend? We're in the southwest, so Latino or Native American representations might be of particular interest to students, but others would work as well.

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Hello, my name's mhor_aig and I'm a new member here!

I'm just finishing off a msc in social research methods at Edinburgh university in Scotland. My particular research interest is in social movements amongst refugee communities - particularly how they access resources to mobilise and the role identities play in the formation and sustainability of orgs. I was also a teaching assistant on a sociology of 'race' and ethnicity class this year (my first degree is in sociology).

I look forward to being a part of this community :-)

Introduction to Me!

My name's Sarah, I'm 18, and currently majoring in liberal arts. When I transfer to U.C. Santa Cruz, I'll be majoring in American Studies (no math requirement and Science Fiction is a class! Sign me up!)

I live in a rather multi-cultural area, and I speak Spanish fairly fluently. I want to be a social worker when I grow up, or possibly just stay in college forever! and teach!
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hi, i'm shawna. i have a b.a. in english from texas a&m university. i took a lot of cultural studies classes, mainly religious studies classes since that's my primary interest in cultural studies.

more about me:
am 22, a muslim convert, white (german and czech ancestry), and a secondary english teacher. besides religious studies, i also am interested in islamic culture.

i joined mainly because of the subject of the community but also because i'll be teaching a class on multiculturalism and i hope i'll find some interesting things here to relate to my class.

that new kid...

Hey! I just joined this new and hopefully inforamtive community. here's a little bit about me-self:

Name: Blanca

Location: Petaluma, CA

Ethnicity: Mexican/Spanish

Age: 18

interests: activism, photography, bass guitar, cycling, dumpster diving, stenciling/random acts of constructive vandalism, how stereotypes were formed, fighting against social injustices, etc, etc.

I'm un-decided when it comes to a college major (as are many college freshmen) but am enrolled in a course titled "Race, Ethnicity and Gender roles in American Society" so I'll see what happens.

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Dear colleagues :),

My institution does not have subscription for the Journal of Refugee Studies. I wonder if anybody could help me to get two articles published in early 1990-s. Thank you very much in advance. May be one day I can help someone in the community with the similar problem. :)

The articles are:
1) Sik, E. (1992) Transylvanian refugees in Hungary and the emergence of policy networks to cope with crisis. Journal of refugee studies, 5 (1), 16-28.

2) Voutira, E. (1991) Pontic Greeks today: migrants or refugees? Journal of refugee studies 4(4), 400-420.