Not Your Token Brown Friend (fire_fly) wrote in ethnicstudies,
Not Your Token Brown Friend

Honours Thesis: Whiteness, Multiculturalism and Cronulla

I just thought I'd update everyone on what I'm up to this year, as it might be of interest to the community/ies.

I've started Honours study in Sociology this semester, and I'm writing my thesis on the Cronulla riots. I'm going to focus on whiteness, privilege and multiculturalism in the current political climate in Australia. I want to explore the social forces that gave rise to the riots, and try to explain them in terms of Ghassan Hage's concept of "paranoid nationalism".

I also want to look at race riots, and whether Cronulla was different in any way to other race riots, both in Australia and overseas (I'm not sure how much a part of my thesis I want to make that, though).

I've also started a mailing list for thesis discussion. Normally Honours students who start in first semester are placed in a class together, and they do a lot in the way of mutual support. I'm trying to supplement that with interested friends and acquaintances who'll listen to my rambles and comment, so I can refine my thoughts on the issues.
If you'd like to join in, you can find me over at:
I'm not going to add anyone I don't know, so if you want to participate, let me know who you are and why you're interested before I approve you. Disclaimer is here.

I would totally appreciate any input you have at all. :-)

Apologies for cross-posting.
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