September 7th, 2005

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My first day of class was today. (I'm taking a class called Multicultural Issues.) It wasn't the greatest timing, since pretty much all week (so far) has been a disaster and my college schedule kinda got very screwy at the last minute (yesterday, the day before class started) and my cat's been sick (which is sad in itself but my parents had every carpet in the house cleaned not even two months ago.)

Soooo anyway--I get into class and I wasn't really sure what kind of professor to expect since this professor was brand spankin' new, but you should have seen her. She's so small and tiny and has this little voice and she's adorable. Plus, judging from the syllabus it'll be an easy-peasy class (at least for the sociology people like me) but it still looks like it will be very interesting :)
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